How do I run a Keeper / Dynasty league?

As the popularity of Keeper or Dynasty leagues grows - OfficePools is working hard to continue to remain your trusted home for these type of hockey pools. This article shows how you can easily incorporate your Keeper/Dynasty league and continue to run it on OfficePools:

1st Step - Copy over last year's pool to bring over the settings you choose to as per this help article. Keep in mind that you have to choose either "Pool settings and Teams" or "Pool settings, Teams and Picks" for the Draft Pick Trades made in last year's pool to copy over. If needed, edit Scoring/Roster/Trading settings.

2nd Step - Go into the Team Editor (under ROSTER tab in the ADMIN menu) and Add/Remove teams and Edit/Delete players so that only the "Keepers" remain. Poolies will only have a draft pick for every empty roster spot they have. It doesn't matter where the keepers are placed in the roster because the draft picks automatically go to the front. If your pool incorporates a draft order based on which players are kept - you may need to manipulate the draft order by simulating Draft Pick Trades as per this help article.

3rd Step - Hold your Draft. If using OfficePools online Draftroom - please review these 3 help articles prior to your draft:

1. Setting up and using the Draftroom

2. Running a draft with poolie(s) offline

3. Poolie participating in the Draftroom

4th Step - Complete the Draft so the system knows that all trades going forward are for the FOLLOWING season by either clicking "Complete Draft" in the banner that appears at the end of your Draft OR the Icon above the Menu bar

and then check the box to confirm "The draft has been completed" and hit "Complete Draft"

5th Step - Enjoy & Go win your pool!