How do I use draft pick trade?

For Keeper/Franchise leagues, OfficePools allows for Draft Pick Trades. When the "Copy Previous Pool" function is used the following season, the traded draft picks will copy over as long as the option "Pool settings, Teams and Picks" is chosen.

If Admins want to allow poolies to be able to trade Draft Picks for the following season, they can follow the steps listed below in Part 1 to enable Draft Pick Trades. Part 2 shows how Admins can make Draft Pick Trades on behalf of Poolies. And Part 3 shows how Poolies put in a Draft Pick Trade request.

PART 1 - Admins enable Draft Pick Trades

1. Access the "ADMIN" menu

2. Select the "TRADING" tab

3. Select "Trade Settings" in the sub-menu

4. Check the box for "Allow Draft Pick Trades"

5. Click "Save"

** NOTE - All accepted Draft Pick Trades will then go to the Admin for approval or rejection

PART 2 - Admins enter a Draft Pick Trade on behalf of the Poolies

1. Access the "ADMIN" menu

2. Select the "TRADING" tab

3. Select "Draft Pick Trade" in the sub-menu

4. First select the first pick that is being sent by clicking on it

5. In the "Trade Pick" pop-up, click the "To:" dropdown to select the team the pick is going to

6. In the "For Pick:" dropdown, select the pick being sent in exchange

7. Click the red "Trade Pick" button when done

Part 3 - Poolies put in a Draft Pick Trade request

Poolies must be connected to their team to take part in Trading.

** NOTE - These steps are for a trade involving Draft Pick Trades only. If the desired trade involves Players AND Draft Picks - please see PART 3 of this help article.

1. When viewing the pool standings, poolies click on the "TRADES" tab

2. Click on the "Make A Trade" dropdown in the sub-menu

3. Choose "Trade A Draft Pick" in the dropdown

4. First select the pick you want to send

5. Then in the "Select Team" dropdown, select the team you want to trade with

6. Select the pick you want to request in return

* Add more draft pick trade requests with the same team by first selecting the pick you want to send

7. Once you have built your desired trade offer, click on the "CONFIRM EXCHANGE" button

8. The trade will then go to the other poolie for either Accept or Reject

9. If accepted, it will go to the pool Admin for final approval.