Can we use draftroom if poolies are offline?

One of the many features of OfficePools Draftroom, is that it allows for you to use it with poolies in any combination of the 3 following states:

  1. Online and Participating in the Draftroom. Please see this article to learn more.
  2. Offline but has created a Watchlist and has turned on the "Autopick from Watchlist" switch. Please see this article to see how poolies can do that.
  3. Offline and the Admin is going to make picks on the poolies behalf OR the Admin turns on Autopick. Please see below.

A poolie can't make the draft, or has left unexpectedly - how can I make a pick on their behalf?

You have 2 choices (Either you make the pick on their behalf OR you can let the system Autopick for them!)

Making the Pick on a Poolie's behalf:

1. Hit the Stop button

2. Make the pick on the poolies behalf

3. Hit the Start button to resume the draft

Letting the system Autopick for them (and you):

1. Check the box under the poolie's team name on the draft list in the Draftroom that says "Auto pick best option"

2. That's it! The system will select the next best player that is available, all while taking into account your pool rules (Position Mix requirements, Max Picks per Team setting, etc).