How does a poolie claim / connect to a team?

In order for a Poolie to access a pool that the Admin has entered a team in for them, the Admin is going to have to provide the Poolie with one of the following options:

(A Poolie already has access to the pool if they entered their own team online.  They merely sign-in to OfficePools with the email address their OfficePools account is under and then click the red Standings link underneath the pool listed on their Dashboard)

OPTION 1 - Admin enters Poolies email address into the Poolie's team's details

1. Access the "ADMIN" menu

2. Select the "ROSTER" tab

3. Select "Team List" in the sub-menu

4. Click on the team name on the Team List

5. Enter the Poolies email address into the Email Address and click Update when done

If the poolie has an OfficePools account under the SAME email address, they will be automatically connected. They just have to sign-in to OfficePools with that same email address to access the pool.

If they do not have an OfficePools account under the SAME email address, they will have a yellow caution sign next to the team name like this:

For those with the yellow caution sign, have them create an OfficePools account here. As soon as they create an account with the same email address you entered into their team details & accept the email verification that we send to them after account creation - they will be automatically connected to the pool and will see the pool on their Dashboard page when they sign-in here with their email address and personal password.

OPTION 2 - Admin provides the Poolie with the Guest Access information so they can Claim Their Team

1. Send the poolie your pool's Guest Access information that you entered when you created your pool.  It is located in the Pool Settings of your pool underneath the GENERAL tab in the Admin menu.

Pool Name & Guest Access Password

2. The Poolie enters that information into the Guest Access sign-in page located here

3. Then once in the pool, they click on the "Claim Your Team" link above the Standings and follow the steps.  Once the Claim Your Team steps are completed, the poolie simply signs-in to OfficePools with their email address and accesses the pool from their Dashboard from then on.

A Poolie cannot participate in Trash Talk, Trading, Draftroom or receive Nightly Update Emails until they have an OfficePools account.