How can a poolie draft for multiple teams in draftroom?

Part 1 of this article shows what Admins have to do to allow Poolies to draft multiple teams in the Draftroom. Part 2 of this article shows how Poolies draft for multiple teams in the Draftroom.

PART 1 - Admins connect poolies to the teams they are drafting for:

If a poolie is drafting for multiple teams in the draftroom, ensure that the email address that their OfficePools account is under - is attached to all of the teams that they are drafting for.

You can either enter the email address into the team yourself when you create the teams, as per Part 1 of this article OR you can invite the poolie to create their team, in which they will sign-in to OfficePools to do so - essentially entering their email address into the team. Send the Shareable Invite Link as per the instructions in this article.

PART 2 - Poolies draft for multiple teams:

Once a poolie has access to all of the teams they are drafting for, these are the steps to follow:

1. See this article if you are planning to create a Watchlist for any of the teams.

2. When the draft is ready to start, you want to be in control of the team that has the 1st pick among the teams you are drafting for. If another team name is displayed above the gray menu bar. Click on the name to expand the selection. If the correct one is already displayed, skip to step 4.

3. Select the desired team name from the dropdown.

4. Click on the Draftroom icon:

5. When it is your turn, you will have the "Now" indicator next to your team name.

6. Make your selection by clicking on the pointer next to the player you want.

7. Then go back to the pool by clicking on the correct tab at the top of your web browser.

8. Choose the next team you are drafting for just like you did in step 2.

9. Go back into the Draftroom just like you did in step 4.

10. When you are back in the Draftroom, you NEED to refresh your web browser for the Draftroom to recognize that you are now representing another team.

11. Make your pick & then continue to repeat these steps as necessary until the draft completes.