How do I setup custom box trade periods?

OfficePools has simplified the process for automatic Box Pool Trade approval. Please see PART 1 of this help article to see how it is integrated into the setup.

HOWEVER - If you want to automatically approve Box Pool Trades but you want to use your own Custom Periods instead of the ready to use Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Season defaults - you can do so by following these steps:

1. Access the "ADMIN" menu

2. Select the "TRADING" tab

3. Select "Trade Settings" in the sub-menu

4. Enable Box Pool Trades as per this help article

5. Click the Trade Period dropdown and select "Custom"

6. Hit Save

7. You are then taken to the "Custom Trade Periods" page (it's also in the sub-menu underneath the TRADING tab)

8. Click on the "+Add Rule" button underneath Box Trade

9. Set the Start Date of the rule, End Date of the rule, Transaction Count you want to allow within the period (anywhere from 1 to 999), and Click "Save" when done

10. Repeat for as many Custom Trade Period Rules as you need to create

Please keep in mind that poolies must have an OfficePools account in order to trade