How do I get all of the free agent points in a trade?

Trading - Hockey trade (hockey)

Some pools allow their poolies to make an outright replacement (re-draft) once or twice a season. This article shows how an Admin enters in a trade where the new player's points will accumulate from the start of the pool and the outgoing player's points will be removed altogether.

** Please be aware that this "trade" method replaces all history of the outgoing player and acts as if the new player has been in that spot all along ** If you want to perform a trade where the outgoing player's points are kept and the poolie only receives the new player's points from the trade date forward - please see this article.

Admin's follow these steps to outright replace players:

1. Access the "ADMIN" menu

2. Select the "ROSTER" tab

3. Select "Team Editor" in the sub-menu

4. Select the team involved in the trade under the TEAMS list on the left

5. Click on the Trash Can to the right of the outgoing player's name on the right

6. Type in the new player's name in the now empty field

7. Click the Save button above the list of players to finalize this "trade"