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What is

History was launched online in 1995. Hockey pool administrators across Canada were empowered to customize scoring categories and set pool configuration. Scoring was automatically calculated each night so manual calculation was no longer required. ow the pool standings and details were available to all participants who logged in.

Today Officepools has grown into a full service fantasy hockey site with real-time updates, player news, fantasy guides, free contests and a huge variety of pool configuration options. This includes three pool types - Draft Pools, Box Pools and Open Pools - all support online entry of players.

Our commitment to hockey

We strive to be the best hockey pool manager available. Our customer service is always available to answer questions and provide suggestions for the best possible hockey pool experience. We pay close attention to our customer feedback and regularly use it to improve our site features.


Thanks for another year of Officepools hockey. This was our fourteenth year with you. Look forward to next year.


We've just completed our 63rd draft 34 yrs later and the 59th in my garage.... same bunch of guys.... and it never goes old.... still having too much fun.... my old stats man and I are sitting here inputting the names and were reminiscing about how we had to update the scores on Tuesday night when the stats came out in the news paper... till all hours of the night... had a laugh at how times have changed... anyways thanks again for the great site...


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