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Fantasy Hockey

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Fantasy Baseball

New for the 2016 season.

Fantasy Golf

All major tournaments.


Real-time updates

real-time updates

Your pool and general standings will get updated within seconds of real-life plays.

Nightly standings emails

nightly standings emails

If you subscribe for them, you will receive a nightly snapshot of what happened in the previous day: points earned, injured players, and much more.

Online & offline draftrooms

online & offline draftrooms

You now have the ability to do a classic draft, whether or not your poolies are online. Offline poolies will receive an email alerting that it's their turn to make their picks.



The pool administrator can set up any trading rules: number of trades per custom time period, trading by position only, free agent trading, and much more.

Advanced Reports

advanced reports

Our easily accessible reports, will help your poolies know the top performing players, points accumulated by teams, see if anybody is making invalid picks and much more.


What has changed at Officepools this season and why?

Last season, we asked all users for feedback. Many mentioned how much they loved Officepools, but wanted a nicer interface, and easier access to all of our features. So we delivered!

All of the great features from last season are still available but organised in a simple menu structure.

The pool creation wizard now guides you through the most important settings to configure your pool.

Why should I create a user account?

Due to the Canada's new Anti-spam laws we are required to get your consent in order to send you your pool and/or team information.

Once signed up, your Officepools history will be linked to your account, so you can easily access past pools, plus gain access to a number of features that can improve your fantasy hockey experience and in some cases provide a pool advantage.

Why would I run my pool on Officepools?

Officepools is the most full featured and customizable fantasy hockey pool site.

Our support team is ready to quickly answer any and all of your questions.

What types of pools does Officepools offer?

We're so glad you asked, we're quite proud of everything we do for our fans! Read about our pools here.

What if I have suggestions for Officepools?

We're always listening, and constantly improving, so your feedback is most welcome. Send your feedback to

Is it difficult to move my hockey pool from another site?

Not at all! In many cases, we can help import pool data from other websites. Contact us for more information.

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