Why do some players have no salary?

In almost all cases - OfficePools limits pickable players to those with NHL contracts only. However, every season there are a few players that will most likely be signed to an NHL contract in the days leading up to the start of the season. These are typically coveted Restricted Free Agents. OfficePools will make these players pickable prior to contract signing, but if your pool has the Salary Cap setting turned on - please read the following:

In the event that a player is picked in your pool that has no salary ($0), we are leaving it in the hands of the Admin and Poolies to estimate what this player will sign for. Then factor this in to the drafting/picking of players so that when the player DOES SIGN, they won't put the poolies team over the cap. You can either see CapFriendly.com to get an idea of the player's market OR reach out to us at help@officepools.com for guidance.

Of course, there will be some poolies that will be over the cap when the player does sign - this is how the Admin can fix:

1. Go into the Team Editor (under ROSTER tab in the ADMIN menu)

2. Click the Team Name of the poolie involved on the left

3. With the poolies input - change pick(s) on the right to get under the displayed Salary Cap of the pool and Save