How do I invite people to my hockey pool?

OfficePools provides 2 unique Invite methods for you to invite poolies to your pool (Shareable Invite Link or Personal Invite Link). This article explains both of these methods so you can decide which of the two works best for you.

Copying and Pasting the URL from your web browser address bar on the Invitations page is not one of the methods & will result in an error if you share it.

To Access the Invitations page:

1. Access the "Admin" menu

2. Select the "Invites" tab

3. Select "Invites" in the sub-menu

1. Shareable Invite Link

Simply Copy and Paste the Shareable Invite Link on the Invitations page into the method of sharing of your choice. Whether that is Email, Text, Social Media, or another method - the Shareable Invite Link can be used an unlimited number of times. Which makes it perfect for mass sharing AND allowing poolies to create multiple entries.

2. Personal Invite Link

The Personal Invite Link tool allows you to invite poolies directly by either entering their email in OR selecting their email from a pool that you had previously run. The Personal Invite Link can only be used once. Therefore it is NOT for mass sharing or forwarding. If a poolie wants to enter more than one team - you can send it again or provide them the Shareable Invite Link noted above.

To build your Invite list:

- To select Email addresses from a pool that you had previously run, ensure that the "Poolies" tab is selected, then select the previous pool from the dropdown selection, then simply hit the "+Invite" button to the right of the poolie you want to invite.


- Click the "Email" tab, type in the email address(es) of the poolies you want to invite and separate each by a comma OR hit enter/return. Once done, hit the "Add" button at the bottom.

When your list is complete:  Make sure to check the box to confirm that you are not an Internet Bot and the box to comply with the CASL legislation (we cannot send it for you until you do) and hit Send. Please note that the message is not saved, so if you want to have a record of it - you should invite yourself as well.

You can always check on the status of sent invitations by clicking on "Sent Invites" in the sub-menu below the Invites tab.