How do I use broadcast message?

Administering A Pool - Hockey

Broadcast Messages are displayed to your poolies each time they login - before they can see their standings. They will see this message until the expiry date that the Admin has set is reached OR if the Admin deletes the message before then.

Admins can follow these steps to broadcast a message:

1. Access the "Admin" menu

2. Select the "Messaging" tab

3. Select "Broadcast Message" in the sub-menu

4. Enter in the date you want your Broadcast Message to stop displaying into the "Expires" field

5. Type in your message, and click "Save" when done

Important: You will then be asked if you want the message to be ALSO emailed to the poolies. Simply click "Yes" if you do OR "No" if you don't. If "Yes", the message will be sent to the poolies that have OfficePools accounts under the same email address that is in their Team Details.