How does your soccer tiebreaker work?

As part of the Soccer Pick'em picking process, when you make your pick for the final game on the schedule, the following pop-up asks you for your predicted game total. Enter in your number based on the rules below and hit Save.

How Tiebreaker works:

If there are any ties, the weekly column will sort based on who is closest to the actual total. This is only a factor in pools where there is weekly prizing.

You can go over - However if 2 poolies tie in correct games but one's tiebreaker score is 2 points lower than the actual total and the other poolie is 2 points higher.... the poolie with the lower guessed total score will get the edge.

*NOTE - To see which match the tiebreaker you selected pertains to, you can always click the 'i' icon as shown in the image below. If you need to change the value of your tiebreaker, just click the "Edit" option in the bottom right (as seen in the example image below)