What pool types are available for soccer?

OfficePools has the following pool types available for Soccer competitions:

Pick'em - Poolies predict either a Winner or Draw in all of the matches on the pick schedule. Click here to start your soccer Pick'em pool.

Survivor - Poolies predict the winner or loser of one match on the pick schedule. If they are correct, they move on to the following week. If they pick incorrectly (a Draw is considered incorrect), they lose a life or are eliminated. Click here to start your soccer Survivor pool.

Streak - Poolies predict the winner of one match on the pick schedule. Upon completion of that game, the poolie is notified by email of the result and streak status. The poolie is then able to make their next pick to either continue their streak or start a new one. Note that a Draw is considered an incorrect pick. Click here to start your soccer Streak pool.