How are your golf pools scored?

OfficePools golf pools have both Score to Par and Money Won built into the Standings. By default, the pool will base its Standings order on Score To Par.

For pools that are based on Money Won, the Money Won column will be filled in approximately 1 hour after the completion of the tournament. Once that happens, the viewer can sort the pool standings based on the Money Won column to see the results. Until then, we suggest that poolies in Money Won pools use the Score To Par standings as a general guideline on how they are doing in the pool - as that column will update live throughout the tournament.

Also for pools based on Money Won - Please go into the Scoring Settings (under SCORING tab in ADMIN menu) and change the Drop Worst to 0 - so that all golfers count towards the total money won.

SCORE TO PAR (TOT) default:

After MONEY WON ($) Sort: