Join any hockey pool below with an entry fee. You’ll contribute to their fundraising cause while playing in a public hockey pool!

100% of your entry fee goes to the fundraising organization (minus taxes).

National Contest Eligibility

For pools labeled with “Part of National Contest”, you will simultaneously be entered into’s National Contest when you enter. This means you’ll be ranked nationally for a chance to win the ultimate grand prize!


    National Prizes:

  • $1,000 cash to the Association for the 1st Place winner signing up through them
  • $750 cash to the Association for the 2nd Place winner signing up through them
  • $500 cash to the Association for the 3rd Place winner signing up through them
  • $1,000 cash to the Association with the most users

For further information, please read our Terms & Conditions

Moose Jaw Minor Hockey

1st place 35%
2nd place 25%
3rd place 15%
4th place 10%
5th place  8%
6th place 7%

Trent Kin Games

An NHL hockey jersey or a $200 giftcard to a place of your choice.

Saskatoon Minor Hockey

1st - $300

2nd - $150

3rd - $50

Halton Hills Thunder Hockey

Thank you so much for supporting the U13 AE boys on their 2021-2022 hockey journey! 

Make your teams, challenge your friends to have the best fantasy hockey team! 

Cash prizes 

First place prize is $500 

Second place prize is $250 

Third place prize is $100 

Bonus prize of $1000 for the first place team, $750 for the second place team and $500 for the third place team nationwide!! 


Hockey Without Borders

1st Prize : 30% of jackpot

2nd Prize : 20 % of jackpot

3rd Prize : gets there money back

4th Prize : Bottle of Rakija

5th Prize : Partner Club Jersey


*Please note that the winners will get to choose which of the prizes they want! i.e if the winner wants the Jersey instead of the money and so on and so forth.

Kanata Blazers U10A

Help support the Kanata Blazers U10A hockey team for their upcoming season.  This season the team will be travelling to Sudbury for the Silver Stick tournament.

The prize payout is as follows:

50% to 1st place

50% to the team


Thank you for your support in advanced,




Nepean Girls Hockey Association

Help support the Nepean Girls Hockey Association U11B team.  50% of the pool goes to the girls and 50% goes to the winner!

West Mall Lightning U11A

Welcome to the West Mall Lightning U11A hockey pool. First place gets eternal bragging rights. And half the prize money.

Prize Money Split:

  • 1st Place: 50%
  • 2nd Place:30%
  • 3rd Place: 20%

The pool will be split 50/50 between the team and the prize money.

United Towns Pirates
Newfoundland and Labrador

20% 1st place

15% 2nd place

10% 3rd place

5% 4th place

cost returned 5th place