These are the standard rules for our Fundraising Affiliate Program and are meant to be uniform for all pools participating. If you would like to create your own point system and rules, we recommend starting your own private pool outside of this program.

Each participant picks players from each box. They will have 16 forwards, 5 defensemen, and 3 goalies.

3 Box Pool Trades are allowed by each poolie for the entirety of the NHL season.


  • Forwards/Defensemen
    • Goals = 1 point
    • Assists = 1 point
  • Goalies
    • Wins = 1 point
    • Shutouts = 1 point



What is Officepools? is proudly Canadian and has been the fantasy sports website of choice for the last 25 years. If you have ever participated or put together a hockey pool, you most definitely have heard of OfficePools.

How much does each participant give to the fundraiser?

Each participant will be charged a service fee to join your pool. This service fee will be dispersed to your organization after the pool’s Entry Cut-off is reached.

Why use Officepools to fundraise?

To make it even easier for the organizer, this will be the first year that we have simplified the sign up process by allowing credit card payments so the organizer does not have to collect cash or cheques. You can simply invite participants and all payments are made on-line.

Is my organization eligible for a fundraising pool?

If your team is a member of a minor hockey league or any organization looking to raise money for a good cause, your organization is eligible for a fundraising pool. We will use our discretion to ensure the organization is qualified as part of an association.

When will I receive the funds?

As an affiliate service provider partner, your fees will be dispersed to you after the Entry Cut-off of your pool is reached.

How long does it take to get my organization approved?

Please allow up to 3 business days for us to review your submission.

How much will this cost my organization?

There is a one time charge of $20 for the use of our software. You can have as many poolies join for this one-time, flat-fee as you like. We will also collect $10 or $20 from each poolie as a service fee for joining your pool & then disperse the service fees to you after the pool’s Entry Cut-off is reached. So all funds are returned to you. The one-time $20 set up fee will also be dispersed to you if you are a qualified minor hockey league/team or part of an eligible association.

How can people join my fundraiser pool?

You will have the option of either providing a Shareable Invite Link that will allow poolies to enter multiple teams (if they wish) OR a Personal Invite Link emailed directly from the pool that will only allow team creation one time from that invite.

What types of pools are available?

Click here for more information on box pools.