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Q & A

  • What has changed at Officepools this season and why?

    Last season, we asked all admins for feedback. Many mentioned how much they loved Officepools, but wanted a nicer interface, and easier access to all of our features. So we delivered!

    • We put all the admin options in one simple menu
    • We added user accounts to allow easy access to all of your pools via one login
    • We added a store where you can purchase pool guides and player alerts
    • We added an offline draftroom ability (you can run a draft without needing everybody to be online at the same time)
    • We combined the Trash Talk in one convenient Messaging tab
  • Why should I create a user account?

    Due to the Canada's new Anti-Spam laws we are required to get your consent in order to send you your pool and/or team information.

    Once signed up, your Officepools history will be linked to your account, so you can easily access past pools, plus gain access to a number of features that can improve your fantasy hockey experience and in some cases provide a pool advantage.

  • Why would I run my pool on Officepools?

    Officepools is the most full featured and customizable fantasy hockey pool site. Click here to see a list of all of our features. Plus, our support team is ready to quickly answer any and all of your questions.

  • What types of pools does Officepools offer?

    We're so glad you asked, we're quite proud of everything we do for our fans! Read about our pools here.

  • What if I have suggestions for Officepools?

    We're always listening, and constantly improving, so your feedback is most welcome. Please fill out the form here.

  • Is it difficult to move my hockey pool from another site?

    Not at all! In many cases, we can help import pool data from other websites. Contact us for more information.